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Bob Pierson AKA "Killer"

BobI never grew up in Bountiful Utah. When I was six years old I was at a Liberty Park Firework display with my Mom and Dad and said "That's what I want to do when I grow up". The rest is history. At 16 years old I shot my first show at La Caille Restaurant. Dave Penman took me under his wing and taught me everything. Since then we have both changed with the times shooting mainly electric shows. My first convention was in Mesquite Nev- Western Winter Blast # 1. From then on I have not missed a WWB event. I have been to all but 1 Do It By the River events and have been to 6 PGI events(Pyrotechnics Guild International). I have been past Pres. VP and Sec. for the UPA. I am partners with Bruce Beck And Doc Miller on a bunker site in Plymouth UT. I have manufactured most pyro devices and have an extensive library on the subject. I have lots of videos on conventions and newsletters. I also collect Firecracker packs and labels as well as catalogs. I manage the rock band TRUCE. I am imployed by Piersons Body Shop Supplies as outside sales and janitor. I am married with two "only children" and currently live in Taylorsville, Utah.

Contact "Killer" At killerismyname@yahoo.com or call 801-541-0517
Bruce Beck

BruceBruce spent his carreer as a chemist for Thiokol and has quite the collection of chemical specimens and older antique class "C" pyrotechnics. He likes to camp and loves firework shoots.Contact Bruce At bbeck7@gmail.com or call 801-359-0220 (Home) or 801-755-5144(Cell)

Kenny Chapman

KennyI was born at a very early age in Salt Lake City, Utah. I grew up hearing wild stories of my Uncle (A self proclaimed pyrotechnician) and Father making fireworks and other pyrotechnics. I was intrigued by the stories and at the age of eight, made my first "firework" by wrapping colored chalk in a piece of paper, and lighting it. That's when my Father knew I was serious and thought he'd better explain some basic chemistry. Since then I have studied and read whatever literature I could get my hands on, and have amassed a collection of pyrotechnic information and experience. Because of the difficult time I have had getting information it has been my desire to make the things I have learned readily available to the world which lead me to create this website. My passion has led me to others with similar interests (i.e. The folks of the UPA and SLAP). During all of this I have continued to pursue my vocation of construction/home remodeling. Though I never thought I would leave Utah, I currently reside in Boise, ID with my wife Wendy and our four children. I moved to Idaho seeking bigger spaces and I have not been disappointed. I also enjoy a vast variety of hobbies including, bee keeping, poultry raising, gardening, auto repair, catering, technical theater, prosthetic makeup, and haunted houses just to name a few. Though I am quite a tinkerer my wife has been patient with me through the last sixteen years of marriage and is really quite supportive even though I "dink around" (as she likes to call it) with so many things.

Contact Kenny At kennychapman1@gmail.com or call 801-913-6220
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